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The Sheep

Our flock is a mix of white and natural colored sheep with breed of Corriedale, Border Leicester, Romney, and Dorset.  Current flock size is just 14.  At the highest level we were up to 30 ewes and nearly 50 lambs.I just feel too old for that now, and below 20 is a better fit for our barn and pasture size. 

I choose replacement lambs only from multiple births and usually end up with a bit below 2 lambs per ewe.  Twins are the best.  Additionally, the fleece must be well crimped, dense, free of kemp, and most of all, soft and lustrous.  

They wear coats during hay feeding season until shearing, generally November to April.  I work hard to keep my pastures free of burdock, thistles, and other pokey things. Because of this management, we've had about 30 years of happy customers.  

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