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Shearing Day just CHANGED to

Tuesday, March 17th, 2022


(the shearer had to reschedule, and yes, that's

St Patty's Day) 

Just 11 sheep this year as I am rebuilding the flock after several years of not lambing. 5 yearlings, 5 older ewes, and Romero the ram.  White and Colored. Anyone interested is invited, just text or email me that you are coming or if you have any questions.  But be careful as we may put you to work!  


Their Fleeces

Fiber Creations


Shearing Day

Thank you for joining us!

Although the day was chilly, it was warm with visitors.  After last year's shearing at the start of the Covid lockdown, it was just fabulous to see everyone. Elisabeth worked her magic at the skirting table, John on the weighing, Ann, Courtland, and George at catching sheep and removing coats, Ruth, Sam, Amelia, and Josie also skirting.  Who am I forgetting? 

Most of the fleeces look absolutely beautiful, and we skirted as they were sheared.  However, some were dirtier than expected, so they will be discounted. There is virtually no vegetable matter in them, as they were coated, and neck wool removed at skirting.  

After shearing, we moved to the wool studio for a bowl of chili and hot cider or tea.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed chatting with everyone and catching up. Thank you all for coming.  

I have a few of the fleeces up on the "Fleeces" page.  I'll be getting more on soon, along with the pricing.  I've been busy with lambing the past several weeks, it's been fun!  Fleece prices will range from about $9- $13/lb when sold as a whole fleece.  Let me know if you have any questions of want more pictures of any of the fleeces. 

Happy Spinning!





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