Woolen Meadow Farm is home to George and Sue Ross and their children; Dennis, Mandy, Tony, Sam, and Ellie, along with the ewe flock of about 30, Manche the horse, Sadie the dog, 2 cats and a few chickens. We have live here since 1987 and the sheep came in 1989 and have been here ever since.

Back in the early 80’s, I had the bright idea that I wanted to have sheep and make sweaters. Of course at that time I didn’t spin, knit, or know anything about sheep except that they looked so peaceful on a pasture. I wanted it. I began my quest for knowledge on these subjects and the more I learned, the more intrigued I became. Finally in 1987, we bought our farm and by the spring of 1989, I had my first sheep. I had purchased three Corriedales from a local man, Bob Anderson, who had won prizes for his fleeces all over the place including California and Tanzania! By the end of the summer, those sheep had taught me a lot including that I wanted MORE. Eventually, I added Romneys, then much later used a Lincoln/Corriedale ram, which put the Lincoln (for length and luster) in my flock. That first year I also learned, by spinning and knitting one of my first fleeces, that hay chaff is very annoying in a fleece and I needed to fix that. I began using coats on the sheep during the winter to keep the hay off the wool.

The flock size is about 25 ewes, With the lambs, the number rises to over 70. . It seems to be the right amount for both the size of the barn and the amount of pasture. They are crossbreds of Corriedale, Romney, Border Leicester, and a bit of Lincoln, about ½ white and ½ colored. The fleeces are coated and all are sold on shearing day. Almost all are reserved ahead of time. (I do keep a little for myself.).

Updating the information to 2008, we are down to just 2 kids, Sam, 18 and Ellie, 14. Tony is in his 3rd year of college, Mandy was married to a great guy named Travis in the summer of 07, and Dennis has been living on his own for several years. Sadie our dog of 17 years died in the fall of '06 and in the spring of 07, we got Jack, a collie with the same coloring as Sadie. In the winter of '05, our lives changed as George and I bought a new business and I became an office person. I like it well enough, but time for felting and spinning has all but vanished. We have chosen to keep the rural lifesyle, keep the sheep flock going, and keep producing high quality fleece and breeding stock. I still really enjoy being around sheep and wool people and keep up with what's going on, and helping new people get started into it. Don't hesitate to call.


Ellie's birthday with family and friends
Lamb racing at its finest!
You GO girl!

Getting ready for the fair. Jack (the dog) gives pointers on how to handle the sheep.

Just playin' dead.
Takin' a dip down in the holler.
My hay boys, Sam and Tony, couldn't do without them.
Sam and Ellie with new puppy, Jack.